Indian OCI Card is a multiple entry life-long visa which enables the holder to have unlimited travel and stay in India.
We will help you with the complete process of obtaining OCI,
The process is as follows:
  1. Complete online application form on your behalf
  2. Upload your picture and signature
  3. Upload all the required documents
  4. Make an appointment for you to visit and submit your application
  5. You will receive your OCI card by courier at home.

    Benefits of applying for Indian OCI card are:

  • Multiple entries, with multi-purpose life-long Visa being offered to visit India.
  • Exception from having to report to Police authorities for any length of stay in India.
  • Equality with NRIs in all spheres of financial, economic and educational fields barring the purchase of agricultural or plantation properties

Mandatory documents for an OCI Application:

Printed Application form
2 photographs   2″ x 2″ with white back ground.
Foreign Passport Copy
Maximum 8 options can be selected for the document upload. You may merge multiple document and
upload as single pdf file under any relevant category. (Please ensure to upload the documents clearly).
Original and copy of the all the supporting documents required for the Application submission.
  •  Current passport (Signed Photo page)
     Naturalization Certificate/Registration certificate
     Surrender certificate
     Original UK Notary Affidavit (Applicable in the absence of Surrender certificate)
     Renounced Indian passport (First page and Last Page)
     Registered Marriage Certificate + Spouse Passport copy (If Indian passport, Front
    and last Page to be uploaded) (If Married)
     Divorce Certificate if Applicable
    Birth Certificate Full Version(Applicable in case applicant was born abroad)
     Indian Origin proof (For applicants born abroad)
     UK Address Proof
     Employment Letter /Student ID/Certificate of Incorporation (Whichever applicable)
  • Minor Applicants:
    Documents to be uploaded in addition to the above documents:
     Full Version Birth Certificate
    Both Parents passport (If Indian passport- Photo page and Address page).
     Parents OCI Card (if applicable)( Photo page and Address page)
     In case of single parent’s, a court order is required, confirming that the guardian parent’s
    rights over the child, in case the custody has not been contested, a notarised consent letter
    signed by both parents, is required to be submitted along with the application.
  • Spouse Based Application:
    Documents to be uploaded in addition to the above documents:
  •  Spouse Passport + Spouse OCI card (Photo and Address Page).




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